The Vision. The Team.

To protect, preserve and promote the history, character and aesthetics of the Island village of Solomons thru the development of architecturally sensitive residential properties. The team behind Avondale are local professional experts who decades earlier identified the need to preserve the area, both environmentally and architecturally. Meanwhile they have restored several historical properties and remain physically, socially, and philosophically connected to the community of Solomons Island, and its coastal waters

The Concept.

The concept behind the residential development of Avondale is to build a family friendly sustainable neighborhood that will attract a variety of people that are supportive of a practical and modern approach to design and preservation based on historical precedents. With the inclusion of several scales of house designs, a variety of density and housing needs can be achieved while maintaining a harmonious scale of the overall neighborhood. Small scale accessory structures and detached garages will help frame rear yards, low fences will define the separation between the public street space and private property, trees, gardens and landscape materials will provide common but varied textures, colors and built elements.

The Style. Harmony.

Unlike other residential developments that have followed design strategies aligned with the New Urbanism, Avondale is unique in acting as infill within the established Village of Solomons Island and takes advantage of the distinctive attributes and assets that can be found there. Style is the most subjective category and hardest to define. The goal and intent of the Avondale Development is to create a cohesive and harmonious conglomeration of house styles and scales that respond and respect each other and give recognition to the history and development of the American architectural styles of the late 19th and early 20th century when Solomons was first being developed.

The Design. Build.

The design & build will encompass high quality sustainable materials, historically accurate details, energy efficiency and the accommodation of contemporary lifestyle requirements are hallmarks of the individual house and outbuilding designs. Existing buildings that can support and enhance the vision of the development will be renovated and restored providing a blending of new and old houses in the neighborhood. Some of the houses will be privately individually owned others will be made available for long term rental.

Conservation whether it be through coastal preservation, or the development and planting of native and edible plants, the Team are closely aligned and involved with advocating and implement sound environmental practices for the Avondale community. Master Gardiner Jean Marie Mc Dougal overseas all the planting of native and edible gardens on all the Avondale sites.  She recommends these 2 websites for further reading.